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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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it has planning code section 175.6e. it is a heavy commercial zoning district and a 50-foot height and bulk district. while confirming to1 articles 1to.2, 1.5, and 2.5, we're requesting additional double- conditional use authorization to seek relief from the amended articles. the project is in the urban mixed use district and a 45-foot height and bulk district. the project is consistent with the objectives and policies of the general plan. the project will provide eight two-bedroom dwelling units. it will convert in non-use said into a productive residential use development. it is consistent with the
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neighborhood character. it is appropriate development and complements existing patterns. therefore, the department recommends approval for the project with conditions peter i am available for questions. thank you. president olague: thank you. project sponsor? >> good afternoon. my name is tony, representing the project sponsor. i have three pertinent topics. i will conclude by giving you a concise timeline of what my clients have been doing the last six years. my first point, neighborhood outreach and public notification. a public notice of this project receiving environmental review was mailed out by your staff in 2006 and again in 2010. and as of this hearing in 2011. i personally went door to door to the immediate neighbors to introduce myself and the project details. we met with peter and the are
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rebuilding on five different occasions. we met with richard, represents another group. we requested several meetings with their executive director and board members. we also met with garcia. we provided a thorough notification and conducted an informational never been meeting on saturday, august 20. neighbors and attended the meeting. the subject building is not a historical resources or significant in any way. however, the project was reviewed by the historic preservation commission. the commission is in general support of this application. they have made two suggestions. i believe my clients have responded effectively by incorporating significant audit -- modifications to the building on below, by removing and reducing all rooftop projections, and providing a
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site said back along the south side of the armory building. those allow greater sun angle and light corridor for the south-facing windows for the of rebuilding. we have enclosed a draft copy of the supplemental disclosures. i encourage you to you toe in our information packet. -- i encourage you to go over exhibit e. all legal uses and activities of the armory building. we intend to add all the fine details of the activities associated with the friendship house, directly across the street from the subject property. my clients are ready to execute and record these disclosures as part of a notice of special restrictions and conditions of approval. the application before you is a request for conditional used for residential use in the former cm zoning classification. i would like to present our findings of why we believe the
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proposed project is necessary and desirable and is consistent and compatible with the established neighborhood. since 2003, the planning commission has approved over 360 residential units on the subject blog and directly across the street from the armory building. of the 360 units, 230 are under construction today. if i may have the overhead, please -- this vicinity map is exhibit d. it shows the immediate general area that contains residential uses in the parcels. all the orange parcels contain a residential use. of those, most of them are multi-unit, similar to the project before you. as many of you know, a 194-unit
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mixed use the building is under construction at 1880 mission street, also known as the mission gardens. unless there have been some drastic changes to the program, there are 46 veterans on six level -- bedrooms on six levels of occupancy. only 58 feet away from our property, directly abutting another unit. residential use is it principally permitted use. for those reasons, i believe that the infilled project is necessary, reliable, and consistent with a mixed used development pattern of the area and compatible with the other residential units under construction. my client bought the property in 2004. they submitted their first publication in 2005. in 2006, they were instructed to wait for the rezoning of the eastern neighborhoods plan. in 2009, three years later, the
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plan was finally adopted, and residential uses -- again, it is a principally permitted use in the new zoning district. in 2010, we received a letter from planning staff encouraging us to proceed with securing our entitlements. it is 20. six years since my client submitted his first publication. this concludes my presentation. i respectfully request that you approve this conditional use authorization. the project architect is in the audience and available for any questions. thank you very much. president olague: thank you. i would like to open it up for public comment at this time. victor, rick, michaela, antonio, ricardo. >> president olague, i am actually here on three different items that happen to be back-to-
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back. i am speaking -- we are in a couple of different hats on this item. i am victor, the former executive director just up the street from this project. long-term supporter of the organizations, most of the organizations i have worked with that have submitted letters of opposition on at one in particular, history of over 20 years working with them. ycd, ldc, and cyc. the groups that are coming before you to oppose represent african-american, asian american, latino, youth programs, and they are opposing pretty vehemently, as you can
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see by the youth in the background here. they are opposing this project from going forward. there is obviously a disconnect between the local community and this project going forward. what i want to basically encouraged that there be further dialogue between the local community and the project sponsor. it appears from some of the material that i have reviewed, that there still needs to be some of that the question is going to be whether that is going to happen before you take a final vote on this item or whether it is going to happen at the board of supervisors, which i think, if it moves through this commission, that it will end up at the board of supervisors. and i think that there is, from what i gather and what little due diligence i have done, as a
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community advocate and leader, is that there is support to bring this item before the board of supervisors. all that i am here to advocate for, on behalf of these various groups, particularly the youth that you're going to hear about their programs, a violence prevention and everything that is going on in and around the area. obviously this is something that is a phenomenal issue in our committee, in the latino community. i just ask that you listen very carefully. obviously vote your conscience. but i would advocate, as a former civil rights lawyer of five years in the latino community, african-american community, and other communities of color, that this item be continued and further dialogue take place by the project sponsor and the local community groups that are asking for that to happen. thank you. president olague: thank you. i will keep reading of names. gloria, bruna, sylvia.
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>> my name greater thanrick. president of devine inc.. a member of the advisory board. i am associated with this organization since 1982. that is when it was above mcdonald's on the 16th and mission. our firm has provided technical assistance in matters dealing with real estate, financing, and the affordable housing project. they have asked me to speak today, representing the board of directors and the advisory board. i would direct your attention to one of the statements made by mr. kim in his report to the commission. he said the project promotes public welfare, convenience, and
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necessity. we believe very strongly that this project promotes private gain at the expense of public welfare. and it developed, has absolutely nothing to contribute to the particular community or the area in which it is located in. there are some very significant and fundamental differences between 1880 and this particular project. one is rental. one provides affordable housing. one has first source hiring requirements. one provides labor, job opportunities at prevailing rate should -- prevailing wage to residents of sentences go. anybody that is dissatisfied with the activities that occur in arriba juntos can essentially terminate their lease and move.
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because somebody is buying a condominium at 49 julian avenue for half a million dollars or $550,000, that will be difficult to do that particular time. i did meet with mr. kim. it was a rather long meeting. i told him very clearly the sentiments of the board staff in the executive director. he just did not want to hear it. there is not one property owner on julian avenue that we know of that supports this project. not friendship house. not the owner of 1880 mission. not the armory. [bell rings] and certainly not arriba juntos. i direct your attention, please, to the letter sent to you which is outlining what the position
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of arriba juntos is. we believe there is no justification whatsoever in the planning code for this conditional use permit to be approved. it is in the inert -- and neither necessary, desirable, or compatible with the neighborhoods and the community. [bell rings] president olague: thank you. you can keep coming up. whatever order. >> good afternoon, a commission. thank you for your time this afternoon. i am the program director of the northwest region of the san francisco community response networks. arriba juntos serves as our fiscal agent since 2003. we provide a regional violence prevention model that covers half of san francisco. our hub of service and central location is that 1850 mission in arriba juntos. we serve over 145 clients a year.
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from the surrounding areas. i am here today because, you know, we're dealing with the most marginalized youth in san francisco. of those 145 youth that we serve, we constantly, every friday night, have youth utilize the space as a safe haven. given the magnitude of our services and the high-profile classification of our clients, we really do urge the commission to look into this a little further. we strongly urge the commission to deny this conditional use application, as there has not been any meaningful dialogue with our leadership body, with our advisory board that is made up of a key stakeholders in all these neighborhoods in which we operate, and we will lead to further discuss and possibly coordinate with -- what the budget impact would be on our
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services and our ability to save lives as well. again, this dialogue has not happened yet. so we are very concerned about what the ramifications may be of this project moves forward. as stated, it really is our belief, and there have been many letters submitted it as well from our stakeholders. again, urging the board to really realize that this is not necessary, nor desirable. obviously, it is not compatible with the wishes of the community. thank you. >> hello, again afternoon. my name is gloria, the youth services director with a mission neighborhood center, the nonprofit agency providing services to families for over half -- for over half a century now. i am here to share work on behalf of our executive director of admission
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neighborhood center. we respectfully request a postponement of any action on your behalf regarding the 49 julian avenue project. we have a longstanding relationship arriba juntos, and mission community nonprofit organization established in 1955, dedicated to economic and occupational training and employment opportunities. it complements the above program with the violence prevention programs. as well as weekly food pantries services that attract over 300 per disciplines. these community-based core services are provided from 1850 mission street, a property owned by arriba juntos. is evident on any given day that services attract a significant number of individuals to both 1850 mission street as well as the surrounding space. we're quite concerned that the absence of dialogue in a coordinated community engagement process by the developers of 49
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julian avenue will lead to discord between the new owners of the condominiums and the staff and clients of arriba juntos. this is what we strongly maintained that this project is not compatible with the community services that are currently provided by aj in their community-based partners. a respectful request for delay in the approval process until significant dialogue has insisted in the realistic community benefits plan is in place. we urge you to meet the arriba juntos leadership to better understand the significant additions to their constituency and our committee of this project is approved in its current form. this will not only affect aj and their clients, but we partner with them. we refer families and engage in collaborating projects. it is critical and essential for our community violence prevention effort that the youth, the highest risk youth,
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have a welcome, accessible, safe, and supportive environment for us to engage in violence prevention efforts. thank you. >> if i call your name, fell free to walk up to the light. >> get afternoon. i am case manager ad arriba juntos. thank you for your time and for hearing a sow. i am here because i am representing bilingual clients in modeling " -- and monolingual clients. i work with the client to come to our center and they try to learn english and participate in evens to improve themselves in the lives of their families. i would like to specifically talk about the activities we hold outside and the parking lot, the one near the construction. if we push through -- if they
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push through with construction, it is going to disrupt the activities and the full range of services that we serve to 1000 clients that we have a much as for those community events. in the year, we probably have more than 30,000 people benefiting from that. aj serves 85,000 annually, and most of those people come to our community evens, such as the refugee awareness month, where people share their heritage and culture, learn more, and promote the community. we also have the jobs fair. we invite employers and job- seekers. the last time, job-seekers came in connected with employers and found opportunities for them, for their own growth, and for the improvement of their families' lives. we also have, every christmas,
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we have toy drives. we have a fund-raising for kids than for families, for them to celebrate the spirit of christmas, despite their difficulties. they have a life. they also -- will also hold even slight fund-raisers, so we can get financial support for the funded programs like the after- school programs where hundreds of kids from the day care benefit, and also after school and home help training students. -- home health training students. we hope you listen to us and consider postponing the construction are the approval of the construction for the building. thank you.
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>> distinguished commissioners. i am a teacher for the refugees program. i teach english to them. arriba juntos has helped a great number of people over the years. as you have heard from my colleague, we provide them a lot of opportunities. we help them not only to learn the language, which is absolutely essential for them to be able to enter this new world, but all so we offer them the ability to learn how to look for work and be able to become active members of the society. and productive members of the society. we also have the food distribution program, which is really important to them. they need to be able to receive that kind of assistance every week, because they do not have much income.
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they do not have anything. so they just receive the cash assistance. for them to be able to receive this every week is very important. but if we build a building behind our own building, then there is no way for the food program to take place. because we need to have enough sufficient space to be able to have all of our tables. and the volunteers serving a great number of people. we need to have a place to been able to go out, and if we have a building right behind our building, there is no way that they can have that. so we are here to really ask you to please consider and allow us to be able to continue to offer this kind of great services that we have. thank you very much. >> good afternoon.
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i am a case manager of the safe haven after-school program. at arriba juntos, and we provide a safe environment for children and their families by helping them with their homework, providing healthy snacks, and outside activities for their well-being and growth. if you build condos next to our facility, it will affect our daily outdoor activities with these children. we might not have enough space and will not be able to express themselves. which are very important physically and emotionally. also, many families will be affected, because there will have no support in the services we provide. you represent the latina committee at arriba juntos. [speaking spanish]
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>> good afternoon. i am resident of 17th street. i am kevin kelly. the call me irish. i am a muralist on -- in the area. the group by belong to, food not bombs, is cooking food right now for 16th and mission. two years ago, i was amazed to watch 800 people receive services on a thursday. i switched my work schedule so i could help out arriba juntos. i helped with the refugee awareness day this year. that was amazing. any youth today, seeing that line going around the corner, we know what the economy is like.
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800 people today of all nationalities. it is amazing. i have been working jo withrge over two years, living in the community over 10. the condos are coming up all around. it is making me nervous because i have two rentals. i see this coming. i support jobs and things like this. i know what happened on valencia. historically, the mission is a latin section. i love the flavor of it. i am not against condos or anything. i have lived there since 2004. arriba juntos has been there how long? 46 years. they bought this property for only one thing. this is so simple. the whole community is against it. this is nothing. i cannot even have a stand on the 16th and the mission.
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we could have thousands of signatures down here, if i had the time. i had to take off today. i work in the afternoon. but i wanted to address you on how this will affect the community. unbelievable. it is a miracle what is going on down there. it is unbelievable. i switched my whole work schedule two years ago to help out arriba juntos. there's no way that anybody or anything is going to affect that. that would be insane, just for a buck. that is all it is. they bought it just to turn a buck. it is about dollars. there is 800 people today. 810 people, something like that. thank you very much for your time today. i appreciate it. >> thank you. june, allen, raul, l. barudi, yanna.
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i apologize for my pronunciations. >> [speaking foreign language] hello, i am case manager for the arriba juntos homered program, homeless people working for opportunity, resources, unchanged. we provide assistance to the homeless by providing different resources, such as shelter placement, work readiness, and job assistance. i will started this to help people get the resources they need. thank you. >> madam president and esteemed
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panel, i represent arriba juntos, a case manager for the 35 nursing assistant, training students for an excellent career. we support them on many different levels. i would like to express this in my language, which arriba juntos opens their hands to many different communities. [speaking foreign language] >>


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